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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Diablo III

Demon Hunter Class
Its open and known knowledge that the current classes in Diablo 3 consists of the Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Wizzard and the Monk.  You will hear it here first though, the new D3 class will be the Demon Hunter.  The class many people in the WoW community have wanted for so long is the 5th class in D3.  I am expecting it to be officially announced at Blizzcon Oct 22-23.  The class is a physical damage caster hybrid.  I am sorry i have no further information on it, but maybe we can guess?  will he be ranged or melee?  Will he be slightly demonic himself like in warcraft or more like a magical buffy the vampire slayer?  I personally think it will be a gun wielding half caster, or maybe throwing weapons, as ranged physical is the only class type they are missing out on when compared to D2.  There will probably be those 5 classes and add two in the far off expansion, but that's just what I think.

Share the word, im sure there are lots of Diablo fans out there who will love to hear!
(next blog post will not be a blizzard game)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things to do before cataclysm

(For the warcrafters out there.)

With the new expansion well on the way, this one changes the old world.  Why is this so significant?  well it will make the old world look as awesome as its expansions, and probably even better! Something you must ask yourself now is, did i miss anything from the old world that i want?  Many old world stuff will no longer be available in the expansion, so find out if you are going to be missing out!

1: Collect old world mounts you want.(some that surely wont be there in the expansion will be the ZG mounts, tiger and raptor)
2: Collect old world pets. (many pets are dissapearing, like some raptor pets, which just were added shortly ago, and the oozling.   probably many more!)
3: Farm for old achievements, especially title ones!( loremaster, possibly explorer, ext.)
4: Farm reputations (if your into that thing.  many will be impossible to get rep with after, like the ZG rep and hydraxian waterlords, probably among many others) 
5: Screen shot what you LIKE about the old world. (memories are important to a humans spirit.  Its awesome to look back at old screen shots)
6: If you enjoy raiding, find a guild ahead of the expansion so you are ready(if you don't have one).  Guilds will be back in, even for the casual players with the new guild achievements.
7: Save up lots of gold for the future, sell everything you have on hand.(extra enchanting supplies, minerals, ext)
8: Don't do anything you don't want to.  don't raid non stop for gear if you don't want to,  it will be worthless soon enough.
9: Take a break(try out some other games while you wait).  nothing makes you want to play WoW more than...  A: an expansion,  B: not playing in a while.
10: Read my blogs. (BECAUSE THEY ARE GREAT!) 

I will upload a new article every Tuesday and Saturday with occasional extras in between, so check my blog daily!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Approximately 50% of 1v1 ladder games have a player as the Terran race.  If you are like most people, and hate a same race 1v1, I suggest making the switch to another race.  I recently switched to Zerg as I feel they have a unique style of play, and i feel like its the least played of the three races.  Don't be discouraged if you lose a lot at first, just remember to watch replays of high level players, and your own games so you know where you can improve.  One last suggestion, don't go all in, unless its a loss for sure if you don't.  massing units and not expanding can cause you to lose even against a player much worse than yourself.  Remember to take a new base when you had a strong attack against the enemy, or even better, WHILE attacking your enemy.